What Others Have To Say

Jaco F.
Specialist Endurance Coach & Athlete
Revolutionfit - Pretoria
"The SPEEDtrainer EMS system adds massive value to our training.
It maximises your performance and you can be assured that you walk out a STRONGER- FASTER -FITTER and LEANER Version of you."
Janine C.
Sports Scientist
Fit4U - Cape Town
"SPEEDtrainer allows us to strengthen the kinetic chain in just 15 minutes with the benefits of a full body strength workout.
Perfect for athletes, recreational sports and rehabilitation."
Patricia H.
EMS Studio owner
The Body Factory - Cape Town
I tried several systems before I decided to work with SPEEDtrainer. Since 5 years we are achieving impressive results by following the SPEEDtrainer rules.The proven and advanced device, the great variaty of programs, the pleasant impulses, the EMC system and not to forget the extremely durable carbon electrode belt system making the SPEEDtrainer to the device of our choice.
Ferdie d.T.
Personal Trainer
NovaBody - Kensington - Johannesburg
The SPEEDtrainer is incredibly mobile and easy to carry when I go to see my clients. The electrodes are simple and quick to attach. It is comfortable for my clients, and not constricting.
My clients LOVE it!
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