EMC Carbon Electrode System

SPEEDtrainer carbon electrodes are outstanding and unrivaled and this system has been patented in 2005.
The current spreads evenly on the entire surface of the carbon electrode.
Therefore the muscle is contracted without tearing or harming the muscle fiber – achieving a consistent and extensive muscle contraction.

SPEEDtrainer Carbon Electrodes

  • Reach muscle groups that are further away from the electrodes
  • Achieve better training results than with any other EMS training device
  • Are flexible and extremely durable
  • Are easy to clean (machine wash)
As better the electrode - the less power (current) is required and the more muscles are targeted.
The SPEEDtrainer extended muscle contraction feels more pleasant, more consistent and covers larger areas than any other EMS training system.
The achieved training effect is therefore better and more consistent.
This technology is founded on more than two decades of research and development – complemented by practical experience in SPEED.FIT Clubs in Germany.

EMC - Extendet Muscle Contraction

The EMC system is based on the use of the innovative material carbon. Thanks to the specific characteristics of this material and its patented processing, a conductivity value is achieved which is consistent across the whole surface of the electrode.
This consistent conductivity value ensures that the current enters the body in a consistent and extensive manner, thereby achieving a consistent and extensive muscle contraction and better training effect.

This is the reason why with the SPEEDtrainer system targets all muscles with just six pairs of electrodes.

Another decisive advantage of carbon is its chemical stability, which is of vital importance when a current is transferred from an electrode to the human body.
If the electrode is made of metallic materials – which are chemically not stable (solution pressure of the metals) – ions from the electrode are transferred to the body, as it happens with electrolysis.
These metal ions can cause damage such as allergies.

Why We Prefer A flexible Belt System

To ensure effective training, it is furthermore important that the electrodes are correctly positioned on the body, with the correct amount of pressure.
As individual body shapes vary significantly, a classification by clothes sizes – as with vests or suits -is too inaccurate.
This is why our electrode system is based on flexible belts.

This offers several advantages:
The belts are individually adjustable and fit to any body shape
The belts are light weighted and extremely flexible
The belts are pleasant to wear
The belt system is extremely durable and longlasting

Furthermore, our belt system is easy to clean, low in maintenance and thanks to the high quality and perfection of the system, less prone to malfunctions.
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