Body Factory

The Body Factory franchise model offers everything you need to kick start in one of the fastest growing industries with a business concept that requires very little capital with high returns on investment.
EMS Training - The Global MEGa-trend
The most innovative, effective and quickest full body workout technique.
Proven - Researched - Safe - Effective

The Body Factory has been founded in March 2013.
We offer a very good franchise opportunity to venture an uncomplicated and low-risk start in the EMS Fitness Industry.
Our static training concept widens enormous the range of potential customers and opens fitness opportunities even for the less fitness enthusiastic, elderly or even to people in rehabilitating an injury.

Upmarket interior design and bright colours create the friendly "feel good - wellness" atmosphere our clients seek and value.

The Body Factory concept is holistic - based on the SPEEDtraining rules, developed in 14 years of practical experiences in Germany:
  • Body Factory concept
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Tailor Made Weight Management Solutions
  • Progress Tracking
  • High Returns On Investment
  • Low-Investment Business Opportunity
  • Low Staffing
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Fast Break -Evens
  • Latest German EMS Technology
  • Unique EMS Training Concept
  • Block2 Waterfront Terraces
  • Tygervalley
  • Cape Town
  • 7530
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