• The Revolutionary EMS Training System

    Advanced Technology Made In Germany
  • Battery Driven Option Available

    Patented - Proven - Durable
  • The Original Full Body EMS Training System

    Proficient - Versatile - Powerful
Powerful – Proven - Safe
Patented Technology
Unique Extended Muscle Contraction

SPEEDtrainer 1.1 – Professional EMS Training Equipment

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and it has been used in physiotherapy for decades with great results.
The first SPEEDtrainer was already developed in 1992
by Karl-Heinz Rippe – long before EMS devices which are available today.
It was the first Full Body EMS Training System in the world and has been constantly refined and brought to absolute perfection during the last 25 years.
The SPEEDtrainer System has been patented in 2005.

German Engineering and Perfection for Your Business

The SPEEDtrainer 1.1 has been developed to ensure optimum muscle growth and to avoid adaption and training plateaus.
SPEEDtrainer is a scientifically proven EMS system
SPEEDtrainer offers 3 training levels with 10 programs on each level
SPEEDtraining - the concept is outstanding and has been developed and refined in 14 years of practical experiences in SPEEDFIT Clubs in Germany.

SPEEDFIT Technology offers

Everything you need to kick start in one of the fastest growing industries with a business concept that requires very little capital with high returns on investment.
  • Unique Extended Muscle Contraction (EMC) Electrode System
  • Outstanding Static Training Concept
  • Patented, Proven And Reliable Technology
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