SPEEDtrainer 1.1 Business Set

The SPEEDtrainer 1.1 business set is all you need to kick start your business in one of the fastest growing industries.
The SPEEDtrainer system is designed to minimize preparation times and to optimize the workflow. It is low in maintenance, portable, battery driven and extremely durable.
The device is user friendly and self explaning.

Low start up costs
Low staffing - your client will train single handled already after a few sessions
Fast break evens and high returns on investment.
The SPEEDTRAINER 1.1 Business Set Includes:
  • 1 SPEEDtrainer 1.1 with Charger
  • 1 SPEEDtrainer Travel Bag
  • One complete business set of carbon electrodes
  • 10 EMS training garments in different sizes
  • SPEEDtrainer 1.1 Manual
  • 4 years of warranty on the device
  • Staff Instruction and training
  • Support and after sale support in South Africa

The Mobile EMS Trainer Set

The perfect solution for the mobile personal trainer!

Designed to simplify your daily work and to perfect your professional appearance.
It has been designed for minimum preparation times and optimum workflow. The set is portable, light weighted and easy to carry. The electrode bag serves as a clear and open display. The device is portable and battery driven.
Battery capacity approx. 10 EMS session.
The SPEEDtrainer mobile set includes:
  • SPEEDtrainer 1.1
  • Charger
  • One complete business set of carbon electrodes
  • SPEEDtrainer Travel Bag
  • SPEEDtrainer Electrode storage and display bag – foldable
  • One stand in the matching color
  • 10 EMS training garments in different sizes
  • Instruction and training
  • 4 years of warranty on the device
  • Support and after sale support in South Africa


The Concept Solution – Designed for optimum functionality and easy workflow! Easy to install – No water connection or construction work needed!

EMS training is widely known today and has established itself as its own way of exercising. It is well known that EMS training is effective, but also relatively expensive.

Our aim was to develop a concept solution which responds to the specific needs of incorporating EMS in a Health and Fitness club.
With the SPEED.FIT Terminal, a complete club-in-club concept, EMS training can now be offered to members at a discounted price.

Moreover, the Terminal is affordable, comprising two SPEEDtrainers, all required electrodes in different sizes, a moistening station, and an electrode recognition system.
It is a low staffing solution.
SPEEDtraining does not need to be supervised by a trainer one on one and
thanks to the well-though-out-concept
your client learns very fast to perform the SPEEDtraining session single handed including up and down strapping of the electrodes.
The Terminal has a client - electrode recognition system and electrode attaching video clips are available on the integrated tablet.

This works vey well in Germany and more and more studios have chosen the SPEED.FIT Terminal as a complete studio solution.
THE SPEED.FIT Terminal includes:
  • High quality materials
  • Structured electrode storage system
  • Unique electrode moistening station
  • Heated water tank with pump
  • 2 Training stations
  • 2 SPEEDtrainer 1.1
  • 2 Business sets of carbon electrodes

Requirements To Instal A SPEED.FIT Terminal
1. 4 sqm space
2. Socket outlet
3. Wifi
How can SPEED.FIT be incorporated in your existing concept?
Thanks to 13 years of practical experience with more than 20,000 customers, we know the EMS-specific challenges well and the SPEED.FIT Terminal is the solution for the following requirements:
  1. The EMS station training station should be representative and sturdy.
  2. Electrodes-I need a professional storage and organisation system.
  3. Daily Work - The procedures need to be smooth and customer-oriented.
  4. Moistening of the electrodes
    1. Can be done by the customer
    2. no water on the floor.
  5. Water connection
    1. Needs to work without water and drain connection.
  6. Installation
    1. The terminal needs to be able to be installed quickly and easily.
    2. No reconstruction should be required.
  7. Training supervision -
    1. The customer should be supervised professionally but time-efficiently
  8. Attaching and removing the electrodes
    1. No additional staff required – it can be done by the customer.

Start Your Own Business In The Fast Growing EMS Training Industry

Patented German technology will set you apart from the competition

EMS training slots last only 15 minutes making the profit margin high for the time associated.
Earn Ongoing Revenue
Customers typically sign up for a membership contract, providing you with a predictable income.
Add extra value to your existing client base by aligning EMS training with your current business.
All you need is your SPEEDtrainer 1.1 business set to start earning cash - there are no other expenses to worry about.
Benefit from unlimited backup and support in South Africa for technical queries, advice and information.
Run your own business the way that you want to or request information about Franchise/SPEEDFIT license options.
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